Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29/09/2009 AUD/JPY Trade [Close]

Trade 1: Long AUD/JPY
Open Price: 79.33
Take Profit: 79.90
Stop Loss: 76.41

Result: -189
Comments: Should have close when there's a big candle wick on 1st October.

Trade 2: Short EUR/GBP
Open Price: 0.9180
Take Profit: 0.9004
Stop Loss: 0.9301

Result: -121
10th October 2009 comments: This trade was not suppose to close yet but it's weird that marketiva chart shows that on 9th October 2009, it has reached 0.9301 but on metrader chart, it has not reach that price yet. Another thing is that, i made a mistake of putting my SL at 0.9301. It was suppose to be 0.9301 + 0.0010 = 0.9311. Too bad!

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