Friday, May 10, 2013

An Honest Of Forex Envy In Depth Review

What Actually is The Forex Envy?

Forex Envy
Well...! Forex Envy is the Forex Trading Robot that trades 9 currencies on 14 charts using the 30 minute timeframe. When working all pairs they hope a 35% return monthly, as well as a 20% return while just working their Long Cycle pairs. Forex Envy clumps a group of trades together and treats all trades in each individual chart as one large trade. After all trades as a group are profitable they close all trades for a net gain. Forex Envy is very stable in 12 year backtests resulting in a system that's profitable in all market conditions, and more importantly, in LIVE market conditions using REAL money. When using their system they advise withdrawing profits on a weekly bases to safeguard earnings and make sure long-term profitability. Forex Envy needs a broker that allows hedging and higher leverage. As a result of the Frank/Dodd bill, they advise all US residents work with their PAMM account vs. purchasing their EA. For further information concerning our PAMM account or questions concerning their system, please post them an email at

Wait... Take a look at the Performance of Forex Envy here...

110% Guarantee:

Using their 110% Guarantee they're dedicated to making a “WIN WIN” opportunity for their clients. When you purchase Forex Envy and it does not make a profit, you get your purchase price back, plus 10%. In other words,...

So here it is, their guarantee:

“If in the 1st 30 days of use Forex Envy does not make a profit wile using HV or NV Long Cycle Modes as we advise in out Getting Started section in the Members Area, we'll refund your whole purchase price with an additional 10% for a whole refund of 110%. ”

Example of refund:

If $379 is the purchase price of Forex Envy, a refund of $379 plus $37.90 for a total refund of $416.90 will be granted. Here at Team Envy they trust they are just as good as their word. Your trust and business are extremely important to them. If you have any questions concerning our 110% guarantee please contact them  and someone on their team will response your question in regular basis.


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So... What are you waiting for? Download your Forex Envy now...

Forex Envy

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