Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Forex Growth BOT Reviews - Pros and Cons

Forex Growth BOT ReviewForex Growth Bot is an auto trading robot which was published a while ago. Therefore it’s not new on the market such as PipJet or Binary Options Magnet. The robot price $129 and it’s sold by ClickBank ( the vendor’s payment processor ) with 60 money-back guarantee. There an upsell - advanced version for more experienced traders - nonetheless it’s fundamentally the same robot with additional features.

Forex Growth Bot is a scalping-like robot that trades EUR/USD 15M chart. Using complete money management and long-term optimization and free updates. The official site offers live trading final results - demo and real accounts ) plus back-tests  So you can check their promises and study what to hope accurately from this robot. Also you can review the robot’s behavior while in several market conditions.

As the final results demonstrated - back-tests and live - clearly produce big profits. it’s crucial to recognize that your own final results couldn't be the same for a lot of reasons. Firstly, the risk involved to create people final results. And second, the broker you’re going to trade with. And last thing is your account’s size.

Through our tests and through analyzing user’s knowledge with this bot, we can say that it’s made according to a solid successful system. But.. sometimes the final results are not stable specifically if you use it using high risk settings and precise types of brokers. The robot is quite sensitive to those factors.

Therefore for getting the best from it, it’s very important that you test it on demo using several brokers, several risk settings and several account’s sizes till you get the final results that you want. If that’s not executed properly, then hope to have a very high risk trading tool that could blow up your account anytime!

The robot doesn't use martingale system. But it’s hyper active and if it’s not nicely managed it could be a high risk robot.

The Pros and Cons of Using The Forex Growth Bot

The Forex Growth Bot has a lot of features, yet such as other products on a market, it’s distant from perfect. Therefore when we want to use this system, it’s essential to initial know about a strengths and also weaknesses.

  • The Forex Growth Bot gives the accessible step by step guide, and a guidelines can only be accepted by someone who has singular know-how in Forex Trading.
  • Compared to other Forex trade programs, a Forex Growth Bot is relatively low-priced.
  • The whole complement has many built-in strategies for trade a Forex market.
  • The Forex Growth Bot’s categorical website gives excellent customer support.
  • The complement is made to find low risk trade possibilities.
  • Using a complement might be time consuming.
  • Lots of selling hype surrounds this product.
  • The complement has a several mistakes.

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Forex Growth BOT Pros and Cons

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